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Excerpt  - The Compound – Standard Information


Physical and psychological evaluation must have received a passing grade. Interview must have received a passing grade. 

You will live in the facility for 3 years. Your basic needs will be tended to, and your health monitored by on-site staff, including medical personnel, personal trainers, and nutritionist. You will not receive major permanent physical injuries. After 3 years you can re-sign, or leave in which case you will be paid the agreed upon sum of money for reintegration in society, and the non-disclosure agreement comes into effect.

Your original identity will be removed for the duration of your stay. You will be assigned a designated letter as identification.

There is a 24/7 secure live feed covering the entire facility available for Mistresses, patron’s and benefactors.

You give consent to any and all acts performed on you, sexual or otherwise. You will obey the rules presented to you by the Mistresses. You will serve them and the patron’s and benefactors of the facility sexually. You will please them in any way they see fit.


The Compound, a secret, almost mythical place built by the rich and elite women of the world, where they live out their sexual lusts and fetishes. A place where men come to submit and become slaves, where they serve the Mistresses and patron’s of the facility in any and all ways the women see fit. It is a place of unbound dreams, ruled by desire and passion. These are the tales from the Compound…


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