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The Compound is a series of short stories taking place in the same universe, following different Mistresses and slaves. The different storylines can can be read separately.

Tales of Femdom From the Compound


The Compound

Welcome to the Compound, a secret, almost mythical place built by the rich and elite women of the world, where they live out their sexual lusts and fetishes. A place where men come to submit and become slaves, where they serve the Mistresses and patron’s of the facility in any and all ways the women see fit. It is a place of unbound dreams, ruled by desire and passion.

These are the tales of the slaves and Mistresses that live at the Compound…

Mistress Rayne Mistress Anika Mistress Pepper
Mistress Rayne Mistress Anika Mistress Pepper
An Evening in the Dungeon The Art of Denial The Punishment
Book 1 Book 1 Book 1
  Collection 1  
Free Use The Service Slave
Book 2 Book 2 Book 2
Everyone's Toy End of the Month Love & Pain
Book 3 Book 3 Book 3
Mistress Rayne Mistress Anika - Collection Mistress Pepper
Mistress Rayne - The Collection Mistress Anika - The Collection Mistress Pepper - The Collection
  Complete Collection  
  The Complete Collection  

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